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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yes, I Live...

It has been months since I have posted. I tried a couple of times and had my post disappear when I tried to put it in my Blog. The fall has been wild.. So much has happened both good and bad and I am just loving God. Here are the top 10 of highlights and lowlights from my hiatus from blogging.

1. One of my best friends from high school passed away. Steve was 38 years old and his death affected the whole group of us high school friends deeply. He was diagnosed with cancer and within three months he was gone. It is sobering to have someone so young die.

2. My father forged my name on financial documents and so we are not speaking and I have had to deal with the fallout from all of that.

3. I passed the National Teaching Boards!! This was a major answer to prayer.

4. I did my first musical. The play was a hit, the kids enjoyed it, and the music teacher and I didn't kill each other. (Actually we did rather well together.)

5. I had to remove someone from the cast in the last two weeks before the show.

6. We had a nice season for USC football, and enjoyed the games. Cammi played soccer so balancing all of our activities were kind of chaotic.

7. Rick spent a week in Puerto Rico and did not have a hurricane that blocked his way home. However, the hot water heater at our house died and we had to replace it.

8. Rick and I did NOT get to go away together for a weekend because of the aforementioned water heater issue.

9. We did get to see NARNIA. (Awesome flick)

10. I have watched several friends/family/acquaintances deal with major life issues in their families such as death, cancer and devastation from hurricane Katrina. I have felt rather helpless.

So this is what is going on in my life right now. I will try to get back into writing, but life tends to get busy.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Opening Night

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Friends, Death, and Why I Can't Sleep Tonight

LeDayne and I met when I was in 7th grade and she was in 8th. We were both in National Junior Honor Society and loved Braves baseball (back in the day when there was nothing to cheer about in Atlanta). We met again my freshman year of high school when we were in geometry class together. We became the best of friends. We have stayed in touch through college and as adults. We email alot now since we do not live in the same town anymore.

Last week, LeDayne sent me an email that said another one of our high school friends, Steve, has cancer. We have both spent the last week reading the online journal entries written by his wife, Kellie, as she watches her husband die of melanoma. And our hearts are breaking as Steve, not yet 40, is losing this battle.

Steve was LeDayne's high school sweetheart, but they were one of those couples where no one was ever a fifth wheel. We were all part of a group of about 8 teenagers that ran around together. We went to ball games together, got kicked out of small restaurants for food fights, decorated each other's Christmas trees, burned cookies together, tried to make fudge in the microwave, and helped each other through some really hard times in high school. Steve and Ledayne took me to a dog show for the entire day my dad moved his stuff out of the house when my parents got divorced. They also put up with my bad attitude about God, as I was trying to understand the trials I was facing back then. Both of them had a quiet loving witness that has made me the woman of God I am today. Quite honestly, I am not sure I would have survived my teen years without them. Life at home back then was unbearable.

Now LeDayne and I exchange almost daily emails as we cry and talk about Steve, Kellie and their two small children. Steve is a strong man of God who knows that his time here is very short. The cancer is so aggressive, they are only giving him weeks to live. His wife wrote in their online journal that Steve's definition of home is changing as he knows that his home will soon be with the Father.

So, I sit here in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, writing this with tears streaming down my cheeks. My dear husband and children are upstairs asleep. They bring extra joy to me now as I am reminded how precious and short life can be. I do not when Steve or any of us will be called Home, but I pray that each of us will love God and honor Him each days with our thought, actions, and words. We do not realize how deeply we affect others' lives simply by being there.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Daddy's Home

A little girl wandering through the house with sighs and simple statements of "I miss daddy" has been replaced with a little girl dancing through the house singing .. "My daddy's Home, my daddy's home, la-t-da, my daddy's home" (Think Broadway production.. She is definitely a drama queen.) I am glad daddy is home too, but considering my vocal abilities, I have not been singing the song!

Of course, there is a hurricane in Florida because every time Rick has to travel south on business, some major weather event occurs. I am just glad he got home safe.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I miss Daddy

Rick left after church this morning to fly to Orlando for business, so I spent my afternoon trying to comfort Cam who is missing daddy. Trace was a good big brother dealing with the tears of his little sister.

C: "That's the chair that Daddy usually sits in... I miss Daddy."

T: "It's only 3 days, Cam." (hugs her)

C: "That's the side of the bed that Daddy usually sleeps on... I miss Daddy."

T: "It's only 3 days, Cam." (hugs her)

C: "That's the TV show that Daddy usually watches... I miss Daddy."

T: "It's only 3 days, Cam." (hugs her)

and so on...

Finally tonight...

With big tears in her eyes, and streaming down her face,
C: "I miss Daddy"

Me: "I miss him too.." (I hug her)

C: "But you're not crying...."

(I am on the inside, sweetie...)

She is doing better now after talking to daddy (you should have seen the smile when she realized who was on the phone) and him promising to IM her in the morning after breakfast.. Now she is asleep with his photo under her pillow.

She loves her daddy!!

Birthday Weekend

First of all, my sweet honey has given me presents all week for my Birthday... New t-shirt and visor for USC football, new Carolina coffee mug for Rick's wonderful coffee, new Hootie CD for the car. Woo Hoo what more could a girl ask for?? Well- the weekend. And, I have had a great birthday weekend. Here is how it went.

Friday (the day before my birthday)
1. Some teacher friends at school bought me lunch on Friday. It was sweet, and the first time anyone at school has really remembered my birthday. Usually my b-day is right at the beginning of school so none even thinks of it.

2. Grandma came to school and picked up the kids at 3:00. I walked them out to her car, and handed over their overnight bags!!

3. Friday, after school, I got a massage and boy did my neck need it. I am glad my insurance covers this. (10.00 is all I paid)

4. I came home and changed clothes and then Rick and I went to Lexington for dinner. We went ot a nice little place called Brix. It had specialty pizzas and assorted stuff. I had Greek salmon with sour cream and chive potatoes. YUMMY!!

5. We went to the bookstore next. I found a cool fictional account of PAUL, and Rick and I ran into an old college friend who was surprised that we were in a bookstore on a Friday night without kids.. (Yes we are geeks)

6. Then we went to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream.... YUMMY AGAIN. What a great DATE!! All that and I didn't have to supervise kid's baths and bedtimes. My husband rocks!!

Saturday-my birthday
We went to get the kids from grandma's house, went to church to help with cleanup day, had lunch, bought Rick some stuff he needed for this week's business trip, came home for a nap, and then went to see the new animated movie Valiant. Cammi fell asleep in my lap in the movie. She informed me we would have to go see it again since she missed the ending.

Then we went to the family birthday party. My father-in-law is the best grill cook EVER. He made tri-tip (kind of grilled roast beef) and it was incredible. And we had fresh corn, salad, and squash casserole. (once again- YUMMY)

Then we opened presents. Thank you everyone for the gift certificates, earrings, and candles. But Mr. Ron's gift was the most awesome. Mr. Ron is my mom's sweetheart and Trace and Cammi's extra grandfather. I have long admired his mother's silver tea service. He decided a few weeks ago that he wanted me to have it. I am a little sad, because it should go to his daughter, but she won't have anything to do with him. (a fact I have never understood since he is such a nice man) So Ron wanted me to have it, and later Cammi to inherit it. It was an incredibly sweet and beautiful present!!

Finally we had Ben and Jerry's ice cream cake for dessert. (ONE FINAL.. YUMMY!)

So basically I ate my way through my birthday! That's a great way to turn 37... I mean.. uh.. 29.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hah!! I was right

I just got off the phone with the doctor's office.... They say the toe has a hairline fracture (last week they said it was only sprained).. Hah!! I knew it all along. It is broken..

School is REALLY busy- trying to keep up with classes and stuff is hard. I am wiped out every evening. I feel like I am jumping from thing to thing right now.

Pray for Adam and Lacey's dad (they are two of my students). His cancer is back. Radiation and chemo to come, but God has proven faithful before and He will again.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Beauty pageants

I am definitely not a pageant girl, but since the school's auditorium is used for so many pageants, and I am a "Lighting Goddess," I have been working the lights at the school and area pageants recently, and this weekend has been not exception. I am amazed at the ability of young girls to walk in some serious heels. These are the same young ladies who regularly wear flip flops to school! The girls are always really nice to me, but I am amazed as I watch the tears from the girls who trip on hems, the catty comments behind each others' backs, the pushing and pulling of dresses to make sure "everything" looks right, and more hairspray and duct tape than you can imagine.

That was my Saturday night... How was yours?