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Monday, August 09, 2004

Parent Night

Tonight was open house at the kids' elementary school. We decided that I would go to the two meetings and since Rick's parents are back in town that the rest of my family wanted to go to visit grandma and grandpa.

The meetings went well. Cammi has the same teacher that Trace had last year and Trace's new teacher was right across the hall from his teacher last year, so she is aware of what kind of kid Trace is. I still feel some fear and trepidation every time we start a new year with Trace. I know that I worry more about him than I worry about Cammi.

It all goes back to when Trace was four years old. We had just started at a new daycare. After the first couple of days, everyone was impressed with Trace's reading ability and stuff, but then it happened. All we can figure out is that Trace "flipped" out. He pushed people out of his way and started running wildly around. I finally got there and he started to calm down. Later, we had a meeting with the pastor of the church. The pastor not only told us that our child was not welcome back at their facility, but that he was sure that Trace was autistic and needed to be considered special needs. He even said Trace would never function in the regular world. It was one of the most horrifying experiences of my life. Even now, 4 years later, it is hard for me to write about it and for me to feel God's love for this pastor.

One year after that, I was called to the elementary school where Trace currently attends. I went into a room where the principal was literally sitting on our child to keep Trace from biting and hitting him. Dr. Smith (that principal) and I talked for a long time that day. He was much kinder than that pastor. We also went to see our pediatrician. Trace started taking ADD medication that day.

That year (kindergarten)was not a great one (but it wasn't horrible), but the last 2 years have been. The teachers that God has provided for Trace for first and second grade have been wonderful and Trace has flourished. Yes, Trace's temperament sometimes gets the best of him and he has a problem controlling his anger, but that is rare now.

Thank you God for this incredible young man. Thank you for the man he is growing into and thank you for having a plan that is so much more than our limited vision can see. Amen.


  • At August 10, 2004 10:08 AM, Blogger Jackie said…

    I'm so glad that Trace's condition has greatly improved. I often wonder how a child must feel when he/she is out of control. I know it is maddening and frustrating to outsiders, but I wonder how the child sees him/herself and if it affects the way they feel about themselves.


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